ZOE FM is a Christian radio station owned by Tanzania Assemblies of God Church(TAG). The radio was established in November 2020. At its start, the coverage was in Morogoro and some parts of other nearby regions including Dodoma and Dar es salaam. However, due to Tanzania's policy and regulation, they had to shift their tower to another place where the radio's coverage was limited toMorogoro only. The radio target audience is the youth and women and focuses on economic empowerment and health.


We, ZOE FM, have been operating in the traditional way depending on the advertisement and radio listeners who tune in to listen to our channel. This deprived us of many opportunities, and the radio suffered limited reach and insufficient revenue which depended on selling airtime and traditional ads from clients. In June 2021, we decided to start a digital event to try and solve the challenge of revenue creation. However, we also faced another problem; we did not have the required equipment to stream events when the team made this hard decision.



We used a software called MB Recaster.


We did live coverage of events directly from the field to the radio using Mb Recaster. We first started with gospel events and eventually expanded to seminars, meetings, and workshops that weren't religious.


Taking this step has increased radio revenue and publicized our work providing relief to both our challenges of revenue creation and reach.

Additional Information

The plan our team had was to go digital starting in January 2022, but the challenge was how to do it. Others on the team suggested we can start by opening accounts on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We are currently learning more about social media and how they can be utilized to increase both coverage and revenue.